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93% of business executives require additional support.

Cate Gold & Co has you covered. We go the extra mile.

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Market Strategy

Our CG Marketing Assist service allows us to work with you to create the ultimate game plan for finding new clients and customers for your business. We'll cover off key areas and goals that you want to achieve for your business. We will create and/or implement an achieveable strategy.

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Creative Directing Team Assist

The CG Creative Directing service functions as a team who will work with designers, artists, copywriters, sales teams and marketers to create a vision for products or services sold. We can work with your existing team to oversee and evaluate what you have in place or launch from the outset.

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Brand Management

CG Brand Management is the service that works directly with your target audience to build up loyal customers. We do this by creating positive brand associations. Improving engagement and building a strong awareness of your brand. We'll put together and/or implement a realistic action plan.


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Social Media Management

As key function today, our Social Media Management will oversee and manage your social platforms to enhance your digital identity. We'll review where you are now and where you want to be. Our next steps will be to create and/or implement a realistic strategy.

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Delivering creative responses effortlessly

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optimisation strategies

Our initial approach will be to understand your business. This allows us to develop smart business strategies with the means to implement them. We offer smart insights into your business through intelligent reporting.

Tracking and reporting

In our view, it is essential to maintain up to date reports, if done correctly they can provide an up to date overview of the business. We can help you create business valuations to demonstrate profitability, as well as analyse competitors and trends.

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Efficiency testing

We look at businesses and management teams holistically and formulate strategies to boost productivity and improve sales. We can propose business development and sales strategies for your products and services


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"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time"

Thomas Edison

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