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60% of employees value organisational systems

Corporate Services

Team Meeting

Team Assist

Essence of Support

We know how back office functions contribute to the success of the business and fundamentally is the driving force fo the business. We can either plug in to your existing back office team or run your back office entirely. Either way, you'll be equip to take your business further.

Executive & Personal Assist

Peace of Mind

In addition to supporting your business, we are able to assist C-Line executives within the organisation and provide upper management with the information they require. This may be on a personal basis 1 to 1 or on a group basis.

Office Desk
Adult Students

Training and Development

Raising the Bar

We look at businesses and management teams holistically and formulate strategies to boost productivity. We believe it is important to enhance the knowledge and experience within the business. and improve sales. We can train administrators and Personal / Executive assistants to ensure they are able to deliver high quality services.


Corporate secretary

Professional Touch

The Corporate Secretary is assigned to ensure that the board members have the proper advice and resources for discharging their fiduciary duties to shareholders. As experienced professionals we can work along side your existing Secretary to evaluate the current process or start from scratch. We also provide support for board members and non-executive directors.

Networking Event

Work with the Best

Design Concrete
Mobile Phone

Office Operations

The day to day functions within the organisation are paramount and ensure the smooth operations of the business. It may be as little as monitoring stock levels or assisting the office manager. We have it covered.

Trend Analysis

In our view it is essential to maintain up to date reports, if done correctly, they can provide an up to date overview of the business. We can help you create business valuations to demonstrate profitability, as well as analyse competitors and trends.

Flexible hours

We truly understand what it means to operate globally and how important it is to tailor your services to accommodate international time zones. Cate Gold & Co can support your business, dedicating support in the countries you require.

I run my business across three different time zones. The Asscioates at Cate Gold were able to analyse the information I gave them and support me. I wanted more support in the countries where I generated less sales. The extra resources increased revenues substantially in the first 2 months.

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